Server set-up feedback

Started by veyr00n, July 31, 2020, 03:06:44 PM

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Hello, i am adding some feedback regarding the server set-up :

•   The server will not be on Java code.
•   Server will be on Interlude version [ I think is a good chronicle to start with, but my suggestion is to consider a progression system and implement chronicle updates once every 5-6 months ,up to Gracia Final or beyond ; again, I believe the sense of progression keeps players motivated and will give the chance to relive a larger part of a , now, very old game indeed ]
•   All rates will be 1x yes you read right. It will be as close to retail as possible. [ While I used to really appreciate low rates servers due to their "learn as you walk" and close to retail like nature, I believe you should also take into account your target audience for the server ; let's all agree that a game like Lineage 2, especially on it's older chronicles, is no magnet for new players, but relies on veterans and their nostalgia factor; Now the problem with veterans is that things have changed in the past 15 years – let me give my own example ; I was 16 years old when playing hardcore, but now, I am almost 32 with a far more limited amount of time to spend ; I think is a common issue, we, veterans or whatever we want to call ourselves, are now married, some have kids, stressful jobs, so there is little time available for playing games in general ;However, I am not suggesting to go on a rampage rate like 1000x, 100x , not even 15x, but a 5-7x I believe is a good balance between a lowerish rate and ability to progress through the game, given how much our lives have changed in the past 15 years.
•   No custom zones, armors, weapons. [PERFECT]
•   Custom NPC in Giran for vote rewards (No weapons, armors). Runes will increase your exp, sp, adena, drop and spoil rates. [PERFECT]
•   Wedding manager. [PERFECT]
•   TvT events [65535 x PERFECT] – personally I love TVT pvp, especially graded ones, for A grade players, S grade players, and some motivating rewards !
•   Anti buff skill. All players receive an anti buff skill when they create their character. This skill when active wont allow others to overbuff you. [PERFECT]
•   Spawn protection. [PERFECT]
•   Box limit will be 2. You can increase this limit with some items from the vote rewards npc in Giran. [ my suggestion is to limit box to 3 maximum, you don't want a server with a box fest – it also encourages bots ]
•   Offline shops. [PERFECT]
•   Offline shop limit 5. [PERFECT] , can be even lower, but you should think about a way to keep things fair when it comes to sales positions – ex. some people might put high prices just to keep top spots ( ex. first row in Giran )
•   Character PIN. For extra security. [PERFECT]
•   Retail events. L2Day, Medal, etc ... [PERFECT]
•   Custom events organized by the staff. [PERFECT] – just keep rewards motivating but noting too fancy to upset the balance
•   Donations: The jury is still out on this one. But if there are going to be donations it wont be for weapons or items, just services like character name change, account change, etc. These services are also achievable if you vote for the server. [PERFECT]
•   Server proxies, You can chose a proxy with the best latency depending on your region. [PERFECT]
•   Master account panel. From there you will be able to create game accounts see some statistics and some account and character functions. [PERFECT]

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