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Server Listing Rules
« on: April 13, 2018, 07:05:42 pm »
Please carefully read these rules.
We reserve the right to change these rules without warning.
Not knowing a rule is not an excuse.

If you have issues with these rules contact Dart.

1. You must be the server owner.
2. Server must be online in order for it to be added to the list.
3. Server names that are similar are to be discussed by the server owners themselves.
4. Server must be Free to Play.
5. No illegal stuff in the server form.
6. No links to files are allowed.
7. The server will be delisted if the downtime reaches 0% over 5 days.
8. You must have a working website for users to contact you. (Invalid links will get your server deleted at approval)
9. Vote banner must be publicly displayed on your website. Removal of the vote banner will delete your server from the list.
10. You must keep your server information up to date.

By using L2Pandemonium.Com you agree to these rules.
If you dont understand English you are still subject to these rules.
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I do not play Lineage and I don't plan to. So if someone with my username is on a server, its not me.