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How it works
« on: April 19, 2018, 06:49:27 pm »
This is meant to be a guide on how the top list works.

1. Adding a server.

Create an account. After you log in you will see the add server button.
Fill in the information required after that save the server. Your server must be online in order to be added. The site checks to see if it is online or not. IPs and Port numbers must be valid. This means that private IP ranges like or 192.168.x.x and well known port numbers like 80 are not allowed. If you try to use those your server wont be added.
After the server has been added go to My Servers link in your account section, select the server and copy a vote code of your liking and paste it on your website. (This is required in order for the server to be listed. without the vote code your server will not make it to the list).
When the server has been approved you will receive an email and the server enters the top list.

2. Votes

At the begging of every month the vote counter is reset to 0. This is to gives new servers a chance to make it to the top if it has many loyal players.
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